15 departments in the south of France will turn red at noon tomorrow, Météo-France says

A heat wave episode “intense and prolonged” continues, Tuesday, August 22, in much of France. “Fifteen New Chapters Begin Red Alert” Christine Lak, Météo-France forecaster announced at noon on Wednesday: Aine, Loire, Isère, Lozere, Garde, Vaucluse, Hérault, Eurone, Tarne, Tarne et Garonne, Ode, Lotte, Lotte et Garonne, Hautes Garonne et Gers. They will join Ardeche, Drôme, Haute-Loire and Rhône from midday on Tuesday. Follow us live for the latest information on the heat wave.

Red and orange alert. Red heat wave vigilance is activated in Ardèche, Drôme, Haute-Loire and Rhône on Tuesday from 3 p.m. The heat wave orange alert will be extended to Deux-Sèvres, Vandée and Vienne, ie a total of almost fifty departments still under heat wave orange alert.

Expected temperature. “Minimums often do not drop below 20-22°C or even 23-25°C locally, especially in cities. Maximums generally range from 36 to 39°C.”according to Météo-France. “The Drôme and Ardèche are still expected to experience the heaviest temperatures, with peaks often exceeding 40-42°C.”the forecaster warns again.

Longer term forecasts. Very high temperatures will continue into the middle of the week, with temperatures of 39 to 42 degrees expected in the south-west and the Rhône valley on Wednesday and Thursday, before a gentle fall on Friday, according to Météo-France. .

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