2023 World Cup. “Antoine Dipon is not in pain,” the staff of the France XV consoles

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Anthony Dupont returns to training this Monday, October 9. A scrum-half has been given the green light by a surgeon to prepare for the 2023 Rugby World Cup quarter-final against South Africa. Bruno Boussagol, The Blues health manager gave the news about the France XV captain.

“Couldn’t make him take the risk”

Therefore, Antoine Dupont, who suffered a maxillo-zygomatic fracture and underwent surgery, will return to the field just three weeks after the injury. “He had a edema still significant after surgery. We have worked to reduce the latter. We also did concrete work tooth joint and work osteopathic at the level of the skull. All these elements have been processed”, describes Bruno Bousagol.

The health care manager of the France XV reassures: “Antoine is not describing any particular pain today. So I think he got the green light from the surgeon. But we will continue to pay attention to its development in the coming days.

“Ossification is normal at this date. If there had been any problems, we would not have made this appointment with the doctor today. We all agreed on this point of view: it was impossible to make Antoine risk returning sooner.”

Bruno BoussagolFrance XV health manager

Antoine Dupont with a helmet? “We’ll check it out.”

Barring a relapse, Antoine Dupont is set to start next Sunday against South Africa. He could play the match with a protective helmet. “Wearing a helmet was really discussed”confirms Bruno Boussagol.

“We are working on it. He has already tried this equipment. Antoine should be able to handle it. He shouldn’t be uncomfortable visually and aurally. There is a lot of noise in the stadium and Antoine communicates a lot. Those are two elements that need to be checked in training situations,” concludes the Blues health manager.

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