3 signs strongly affected by the New Moon in Le Bonbon

A solar eclipse is like a cosmic blank page. It marks the beginning of a new adventure, and this time it will affect our relationships with others. A great opportunity to reflect on the patterns, needs, beliefs and fears that influence our relationship choices. Maybe you’re about to cook interesting discoveries about yourself and your relationships with others. But be careful, three astro signs will be especially affected by this cosmic adventure.


Aries, get ready for a big dose of self-confidence, like a magic potion. During these few weeks, your inner strength will be as fierce as a dragon. Go towards your desires with the valor of a fearless knight and never look back. The world is your playground!


Libra, you are experts at balance and diplomacy. This eclipse will draw attention to those around you. Imagine yourself in a circus show, juggling your connections while walking a tightrope. Occasion find the perfect balance between love, friendship and professional relationships to finally blossom.


Dear Capricorn, this eclipse will rock your world! You have to research as you know how to figure out what should stay and what should go. Say goodbye to some friends who have spent their time and connect with others who have been left behind. As if organizing a a big emotional spring cleaning. Get ready for discoveries, revelations, and who knows, a life-changing new relationship or two.

Hubert Gildon

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