8 children per woman

Today I’m going to talk about the United States, the country to which we owe almost everything, except for chirps. And maybe other things, but I don’t have time…

So in my previous life I had business with the US. When I lived in Mexico, I sold French wine, but one day a Mexican buyer asked if I could also supply him with cheese. OK, what should I do? I spontaneously say yes, of course…

You can’t say no when someone from another world asks you for something from your country, it’s impossible. He said to me, well, I would like about 500 people. Well, I say good. Except I didn’t have any French cheeses, just because you sell wine doesn’t mean you sell cheese. I tell myself ok, maybe the guy will forget… Not at all, he calls me back next week to confirm. I had to go pick it up from the importer in Texas. I traveled Mexico City – San Antonio – Mexico City by car. 3000 terminals for camemberts, and not to lose face… When I cross the border, I am stopped by a Mexican policeman. He says to me, what do you have in the trunk? I had 100 kilos of undeclared cheese. I was the biggest milk trader in the world at the time. I tell him “nothing”, he tells me “okay”.

I ran into the least ambitious cop in the country: he could get whatever he wanted out of me, but he didn’t take anything.

I would have been in a hole for some gloom…

Well, that was as an introduction.

Because this is not the main topic: I read an article about pronatalists in the US, which are couples – more and more – who have decided to reproduce as much as possible in order to change the future of life. Finally, people who collaborate with clarity of purpose: not bims, reassure themselves by saying, “We did it twice this week, we’re average…”

One couple even calculated that if each of their children had an average of 8 children over 11 generations, their ancestry would be larger than the entire current population of Earth.

It doesn’t seem to be rocket science about rabbits. Or an episode of a large family; life in XXL format TF1

The couple in the article wants to have 8 to 13 children, health permitting: so 13 is perhaps symbolic, as in France. Before Pompidou’s seven-year tenure in France, families with 13 children could request that the President of the Republic be the godfather of the 13th.

Do you know that?

And no, you didn’t know that… At the same time I understand that it stopped; Imagine, you already have 13 children to raise, but Macron shows up at birthday parties…

So those people who have a lot of children are mainly in technology, like Elon Musk, who has 10 children, and they do it for two reasons: first, they think that the solution to saving the planet will come from technology. , and the more people there are on earth, the more likely we are to find this solution.

I’m not a psychologist, but it smacks of transference, unhealthy: like people who push their kids to become professional footballers because they haven’t been, or people who push their kids to enter beauty pageants, dogs, because they don’t. does not fit in the club.

Have you ever been to a dog beauty pageant? Well, only dogs are beautiful…

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