A beautiful free street art exhibition INTI will open its doors in Paris!

this fall, Roaming gallery Paris becomes a dynamic canvas on which Chilean artist INTI paint your dreams. From October 13, 2023 step forward, immerse yourself in a dreamy and free universe where the murals come to life, celebrating the creative genius of this world-renowned artist. See you there!

A magical street art exhibition to discover in Paris for free

INTI has left his artistic mark all over the world under the pseudonym. From the busy streets of Valparaiso to the distant horizons of Oslo, his brush has sketched fascinating visual stories. In the 13th arrondissement of Paris, his murals flourished, telling stories with works such as “ Our utopia is their future”, “Sudaka” and “La Madre Secular 2”.

Street Art

There Roaming gallery, a patron of artistic expression since 2004, opens its walls again to welcome INTI. This free exhibition is an invitation to immerse yourself in a fascinating visual universe. INTI’s works, a fusion of bright colors and evocative symbols, transport you to a world where walls become narrative canvases.

Paris, like a blank canvas for artistic dreams, comes alive with delightful creations INTI. Impact on Roaming gallery is a celebration of creativity that transcends boundaries, a chance to get lost in the visual narratives of this extraordinary artist. Don’t miss this immersion into the magical world of contemporary street art.

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