A moon of Jupiter would contain an ocean with elements favorable to life

Despite the 590 millions of kilometers that separate themEarth and Europe, A satellite of Jupiter, they have important points in common. This is evidenced by recent observations by James Webb. The study was published in the journal Thursday, September 21 Science revealed that this space telescope has been sent since December 2021 NASA had photographed the ocean on the “moon” to observe the solar system. Jupiter. But mainly after observation, scientists Michael E. Brown, who headed the department of geological and planetary sciences at the Pasadena Institute of Technology in California, and Samantha K. Trumbo of the Cornell Center in Ithaca, New York, discovered. that the latter very certainly contained elements beneficial to life.

Locked under layer of ice The several kilometers thick surface of this vast water – probably salty – would simply contain carbon dioxide, which would escape to the surface.

It is in the Tara Regio region higher CO2 levels scientists would have noted. Yellow in color due to the presence of salt, this 1,800 km wide area is located the equator Europa is characterized by terrains formed by the many asteroid impacts affecting Jupiter and its moons. So to explain this revival carbon dioxidea tandem of researchers hypothesizes that this gas escapes from the subsurface ocean thanks to (…)

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