A rear screen, ventilated seats and a wireless charger…Tesla is changing the Model 3

With over 2 million units shipped worldwide since the first marketing in 2017 Tesla Model 3 helped democratize electric cars at affordable prices (from around 45,000 euros) and a charging network extended (just celebrating a decade and counting more than 800 stations in Europe). As the most popular used electric car in Germany, Tesla sedan but blames registrations has been going down for months, just recording in 2023 in June 3,966 units were released in France.

In order to stop this fall, Brand of Elon Musk therefore decided to carry out several aesthetic and technological updates to it Model 3. Without touching the stylistic DNA of the vehicle, you are here however, optimized the lines and surfaces of his body to have more of them aerodynamic and thus increasecar autonomy, increasing to 513 km (WLTP) from around 450 km previously. She luminous signature also redesigned to better connect its structure. In addition, the latter can now be painted two new shades emphasizing its curves: Red Ultra or Gray Stealth.

Focus on comfort, front and back

But it’s not just outside of it Tesla Model 3 gets a makeover. Most changes can be foundcabin where now premium materials are combined with a customizable mood lighting. The front seats are now ventilated heated rear seats. The suspensions have been improved, and the center console, redesigned in aluminum, has two docking stations for smartphones with wireless charging.

But the most visible change is at the rear, as the second row has8 inch screen with integrated climate control and entertainment. Great for keeping kids busy!

Also pay attention to changing switches steering wheel controls, including touch controls and physical buttons, “For a liberating driving experience”, Tesla claims. Like what is being done Model S and Model X latest, the Model 3 also introduces a new Smart Shift functionsystem that uses cameras Automatic pilot determine whether the car should be in park, neutral, drive or reverse.

showing prices start from 42,990 euros and climbing to 50,990 euros for the Long Autonomy finish (629 km WLTP), it Tesla Model 3 revised and corrected ad deliveries in Europe from the end of October and the Middle East. Although sizable, the sedan remains affordable, much more so than its sibling Tesla Model S posterwhich has just reduced its bill from €131,490 to €109,990.

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