A scale model of HMS Victory is on permanent display

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The exhibition is the world’s only known scale model of HMS Victory from the Battle of Trafalgar.

A model of HMS Victory, built more than 200 years ago, has been on permanent display.

This model helped shipbuilders in the early 19th century make major repairs to a ship that was rotting and battle damaged at the time.

It is on display at the National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN) in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard.

The museum described it as “a great snapshot of the time and key evidence of the early 19th century”.

The model, which is the world’s only known scale model of HMS Victory from the time of the battle, went on display to mark Trafalgar Day.

Louisa Blight, head of collections and research at the NMRN, described the engagement, in which Vice-Admiral Lord Nelson defeated the French and Spanish fleets before losing his life, as “the most important battle in the history of the Royal Navy”.

She told the BBC that the 1:48 scale 142cm (56in) model’s likeness to the real thing was “absolutely astounding”, comparing it to the 3D prototype.

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The 1:48 scale model’s likeness to the real thing has been described as impressive

“Used in conjunction with artwork and archaeological research, the model helps us build a picture of what Victory looked like during this period,” the museum said.

Andrew Baines, Project Director for HMS Victory, said: “Today we use new technologies and innovative technologies, including digital modelling, to plan Victory’s repair and conservation work.

“In the early 19th century, the builder’s block was equivalent.”

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The model is on display at the National Museum of the Royal Navy to mark Trafalgar Day

HMS Victory was nearly 40 years old when she underwent a major refit and refit before the Battle of Trafalgar.

The model shows the changes made to the ship between its construction and the famous battle, including its hull, windows and figure head.

The model was auctioned thanks to a £247,000 grant from the National Heritage Memorial Fund, a £150,000 donation from the Marine Research Society and £295,000 from the HMS Victory Fund.

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The original HMS Victory is in Portsmouth Dry Dock

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