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Quentin Dupieux takes a scheme that he has already used specifically Deerit is the character’s crazy trait that drives the plot (rather than the fantasy element, as underwear underwear Or Unbelievable, but true !) in a very realistic world and with consistent reactions of the surrounding creatures.

Here is the story of Yannick, a night watchman living in Melun, forty-five minutes by public transport and fifteen on foot, who takes advantage of a rare day off to attend a performance in Paris, a bad one. a boulevard play called Le Cocu is played by bad actors. This is common. This can happen to anyone who doesn’t live in a big city. Continuation – less. Yannick decides to interrupt the cast to radically express his displeasure…


With the exception of a very brief scene, everything takes place exclusively within the confines of a theater and especially in a theater that is an action theater (sorry!)… As a result, the intrigue passes through the exchanges and actions of the assembled characters. Some unmask themselves or lose their mask under such unusual circumstances. This leads to really exciting dialogues, quite often activating the zygomatics, a Dupieux good spirit at this level.

Also, somewhat parenthetically, as is always the case with a filmmaker who is a great director of actors and actresses, knows how to choose them well, all the main and supporting performers work. However, I cannot mention it without pleasure Pio Marma, masterful as a zero actor. No, but seriously, you have to have a hell of a talent to naturally play a bad actor without it seeming forced.

But back to the unmasking, it is not done explicitly, unlike the other unmasked, it is Yannick who unconsciously exposes himself, his loneliness, his everyday life, which we find exhausting and unsatisfying, offering himself a moment of glory. Art, for many proletarians like him, is the only way to temporarily escape the bleakness of their existence. For this reason, he thinks he is entitled to entertainment commensurate with his efforts, not only to make the long journey to the capital, but also to reward him for the hard wage labor he does. . In this perspective, the whim of the story is him (we can’t believe it, but behind his “delusions” there may be social realism Dupieuxespecially to Deer, Unbelievable, but true and here!).

And here I have to take my hat off Rafael Quenard which adds nicely to the tour de force, making the character first annoying, then amusing, and finally touching. Just look at his character’s childlike happiness as he achieves what he may have wanted to do (and be!) all along. It’s moving. Deep down he is miserable. Dupieux it was really good to trust Quenard title role. He absolutely has the shoulders, talent and charisma for it.

Well, to finish with a light touch, it’s all good (and funny and sad!) but it doesn’t say what’s in that damn fridge (who’s seen the movie will understand 😉 ).

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