about the new MBUX system update

Until 2023 in November Mercedes offers its customers equipped second generation MBUX systemor at least 700,000 vehicles world, remotely download new update MBUX entertainment systems marked with a model number Version 2.4 : This provides some new features.

“Our Mercedes-Benz software provides excellent in-flight entertainment, including immersive Dolby Atmos sound, video streaming and an enhanced navigation experience. Equipped with the innovative MBUX infotainment system, our cars meet the rapidly evolving demands of our customers worldwide. Thanks to regular feature updates”said Magnus Östberg, Director of Software Development at Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes MBUX: Remote Update

The new features are particularly related to on-board entertainment as new possibilities emerge Video broadcastingsuch as the YouTube web app or even audio Dolby Atmoswhich gives the music more space, clarity and depth.

Another innovation software update related tofront passenger display : it is now possible to control the car's sound system in the cabin, streaming music, movies and TV shows without necessarily using headphones. Users can also select a background of their choice displayed on the front passenger display using the…Read more at Autoplus.

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