According to the director of Kingsman, we need to remake the original films

According to the director of the saga, Matthew Vaughn Kingsmanwe should redo Star Wars originals for a whole new audience.

Saga Star Wars there seems to be a strange transition phase. After returning in 2015 The Force Awakensthe star franchise was sold by Disney due to ten live-action movies and series released in less than ten years. Overexploitation that has been stopped for several years (it’s already been four years Star Wars 9the last feature film of the saga).

A new Luke in the new Star Wars?

Towards a Star Wars remake?

Today, the future Star Wars at the cinema is divided into the odd sequel/maybe not so much sequel involving the Rey character, various prequels/spin-offs, and the mysterious Taika Waititi trilogy. The projects are more or less different from each other, but united by the first one directed by George Lucas and released in 1977. the matrix of the published opus. Rule, directed by Matthew Vaughn Kingsmanwould like to break making his own version of the original filmsas he put it on the podcast mic Happy Sad Confused :

“For me, making a Star Wars movie is about playing with the characters I love. If someone said to me, ‘do you want to reboot Star Wars with Luke Skywalker, Solo and Vader and make your own version?’ everyone would say, ‘I’m stupid.'” , that I’m trying, but it would make me cringe.Why are these characters from 1977 so sacred that we can’t remake these movies for a new audience?

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope: Photo by David Prowse, Carrie FisherMatthew Vaughn took Star Wars hostage.

This is what I would like to do. Everyone would go crazy, but let’s go anyway. If you want a new generation of viewers, make movies for them. I hope the older generation will have the perspective to say, “Oh, well, that was great. »” If the idea is surprising/terrifying on paper, Matthew Vaughn still points a finger at a huge problem in Hollywood, the creatively troubling sacralization of certain franchises and characters.

Indeed, fan service and nostalgia (pleasing audiences and exalting studios) have reigned supreme in Hollywood for over a decade, and recycling these references could perhaps bring (some) freshness to modern entertainment cinema. A temporary and incomplete answer to the real problem driving these questions is the difficulty for developers to bring them to the big screen. new intellectual qualities that attract viewers to the cinema.

We remind you that the new film directed by Matthew Vaughn, Argyllwill leave on January 31 next year in French cinemas.

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