Adeline Blondieau tackles the 'pigs' we still see on TV: 'Not cleaned up enough'

There is life after television. Adeline Blondieau, who became a star of the small screen thanks to the series New girls around but above all thanks under the sun, so he left comedy behind. Johnny Hallyday's ex-wife moved to the Camargue countryside to change her life. Filming sets and social evenings forgotten, she became a comic script writer, but also a sophrologist.

He doubted e in Paris/France Today, Adeline Blondieau does not hide that she does not regret breaking away from the world of entertainment and celebrities. “This life change was necessary. I wasn't me anymore, I was completely lost in show business. This work, the media, all this was very cruel to me. I've always been natural, so it's not forced.”– she admits to our colleagues.

What's stopping Adeline Blondieau on the small screen

She takes the opportunity to talk about what still matters to her today in this world she left so many years ago. “MeToo is behind us and it was very good, but as long as I see those I call “pigs” talking on TV, I tell myself that this purge has not been done enough.“, she points her finger, glad that she could “reconnect with yourself' changing your life. “In trying to please all these people, you lose yourself.”– openly concludes.

The former actress showed the same sincerity a few years ago when talking about the series that made her a star. “I couldn't embody my work saying to myself, “yeah, I'm doing something good, I'm creating a series that's successful and good”… Because people told me it was bullshit. there was still only the television and that we had to go back downstairs”she explained in 2022 on Instagram Live.

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