After Blanche Gardin, Fabrice Éboué explains why he will not participate in the program “LOL: who laughs, leaves!”

Days after Blanche Gardin’s creation, comedian and actor Fabrice Éboué also announced that he had withdrawn from Amazon Prime Video’s LOL: Who Laughs, Gets Out!

Comedian Fabrice Éboué explained in an interview with Amazon Prime Video the reasons for his refusal to participate in the program “LOL: who laughs, leaves!” presented by Philippe Lacheau. Latest news from Alsace (DNA).

Just over a week after Blanche Gardin’s offensive statement accused the broadcaster of “not paying taxes in France” and condemned the huge taxes, Fabrice Éboué has clarified that he is “not running after money”. “I was offered to participate LOL, I said never in my life. I wouldn’t have felt comfortable on that show. It’s not my type of humor and I’m not chasing money, I’m making a very good living,” began the director and actor of Case Départ, released in 2011.

“I consider myself an artist. There are people who are interested in entertainment, that is a choice, and there are those who represent a one-man show as an artistic entity. I believe it’s my job as an artist to put on the best show possible, that’s what I want to present to people,” said Fabrice Éboué.

However, the native of Maisons-Alfort (Val-de-Marne) refrained from criticizing the American platform. “I’m very good friends with Blanche, but I have some disagreements with what she said. My show is on Amazon Prime Video, but whether you’re on this broadcaster or another, it’s the same, says Fabrice Éboué. You can choose to be absolutely against the system without streaming platforms and fine, but that’s not my case. We all need a broadcaster, it’s give and take,” admitted the 45-year-old artist.

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