After the end of account sharing, Netflix continues to make good news

  • With the end of account sharing, Netflix has gained a large number of subscribers around the world
  • New figures from the United States confirm this good trend
  • The streaming service may be wary as the cast and writers strike could affect its future

Netflix has clearly been given the green light since announcing the end of account sharing between people who don’t live under the same roof. Indeed, if we could fear a mass exodus, the opposite seems to be happening, and a significant number of users seem to have settled for a bundled subscription.

This trend is confirmed by the statistics of the USA “Antenna” analysts. Specifically, Netflix saw a decline in subscribers in April. Then, after the change, this level increased to 27.8% in May, 128.9% in June, and 25.7% in July. More specifically, this means that in June contributed 3.5 million additional customers, and in July – 2.6 million. Since May, this amount has reached 7.5 million.

Could the strike threaten Netflix?

In this regard, experts point out that from June to July, 19-23% of newcomers chose a platform subscription with advertising. In France, the latter is sold for 6 euros per month. That’s a pretty good thing for Netflix, which is relying on this new model to save its finances. We also know that advertising is charged at a higher rate than YouTube.

This good news comes after an equally very positive report for the last quarter at a global level. The entertainment giant announced last July that it had added 6 million additional subscribers for a total of 238 million worldwide, setting a new record.

The service also enjoyed its turnover of 8.19 billion in the last three months. Net profit also rose 3% to $1.49 billion.

Despite this avalanche of good numbers, Netflix should be wary of the current writers’ and actors’ strike in Hollywood. The latter can threaten or even cancel many productions. In addition, Ted Sarandos, one of the company’s managers, said that he hoped that the social conflict would end soon. “So we can all move forward”.

Meanwhile, Netflix is ​​ramping up initiatives in reality TV, a sector not affected by the current mobilization.

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