Agnesa Buzina talks about her departure from the Ministry of Health at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic



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Interview with Agnes Buzin on franceinfo, which takes place on the show “Le monde de Loison” on Monday, October 2, 2023. – (FRENCH TELEVISION)

Monday night’s guest on the Franceinfo show “Le Monde de Loison”, the former health minister returns to her magazine “Journal”, published by Flammarion, in which she gives an overview of the health of the first six months of the crisis in 2020. .

“Nobody can think they’ve done everything right”. Agnes Buzyn returns to him Newspaper published by Editions Flammarion, during the first six months of the pandemic, while she was Minister of Health. Franceinfo guest on Monday, October 2nd on Le Monde de Loison, a doctor says she wants to show “How can we do better” in case of a new health crisis in this job she wants “pedagogical”.

Agnes Buzyn claims that she realized the seriousness of the crisis very early on, despite the fact that international institutions talked about “flu”. She says she was there “alone at this level of excitement at the beginning of the health crisis and regrets that it has not been sufficiently heard, especially in the Scientific Council. The former health minister hopes with this book “Give the French a piece of their history” and show “The Incredible Mobilization” from his ministry.

She Newspaper consists of a part dedicated to her passage on Avenue Ségur and a second part covering the period after her retirement from ministry on February 9, 2020. Agnes Buzyn says that she “ceded” to one “Very strong pressure” to become the leader of the majority list in the Paris municipal elections after the Benjamin Griveaux affair. “I bitterly regret leaving,” the former minister trusts today.

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