Air Transat has partnered with Stingray to enhance the in-flight entertainment experience

Air transfer And Stingray has entered into a new partnership to offer passengers an enhanced entertainment experience on all of the company’s flights worldwide.

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A rich and varied listening experience sure to please everyone ”, travelers will have access to an eclectic selection of channels Music by StingrayOf which :

  • List of results,
  • Hot country,
  • Children’s items,
  • TikTok Radio.

They will also have access to several travel themed channels such as:

  • Windy yacht rock,
  • Tan reggae,
  • Today’s Top Hits: Latin

In addition, passengers will be able to enjoy front-row stage performances by their favorite artists thanks to the full-length concerts offered Qello concerts.

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Ten atmospheric sound channels

For travelers looking for a calmer in-flight experience, Stingray offers ten atmospheric audio channels featuring concentration-enhancing classical music, soothing piano tunes, guided meditations and more.


In addition, podcasts are offered to anyone who wants to take advantage of their flight and discover enriching audio content. Topics range from health and wellness to personal development.

Stylish service slow tv

Stingray is also on offer Stingray Naturescapestylish service slow tv which promises to fascinate and inspire vacationers – ” with breathtaking landscapes filmed around the world, such as the crystal clear waters, lush valleys and majestic waterfalls of Costa Rica “.

Finally, ZenLIFE invites passengers to a fully zen flight with soothing videos designed to promote meditation, concentration or sleep.

Now available

These enhanced entertainment services are now available on all Air Transat flights worldwide. Content will be updated regularly to ensure an engaging and up-to-date experience for all passengers.

To provide users with an experience of unparalleled quality

David PurdyStingray’s head of revenue strategy, points out that Air Transat shares Stingray’s mission to provide consumers with “ experience of unparalleled quality “.

“This exciting partnership will help expand Air Transat’s passenger entertainment experience through a range of music channels, concerts and relaxation videos, but will also help expand Stingray’s global footprint,” he said, saying he was proud to transform Air Transat’s passenger experience. “by introducing them to our premium content that reflects their unique entertainment needs.”

Miguel TeixeiraAir Transat’s Vice President, Inflight Services and Customer Experience, emphasizes that the collaboration with Stingray is an important step in Transat’s commitment to improving the passenger experience in flight.

“Through this partnership, we aim to enrich and diversify our in-flight entertainment options with audio and video that will immerse travel fans in the culture of their next destination,” he concluded.

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