Airbnb: Employees can now work from anywhere in the world

Brian Chesky, recently co-founder and CEO of Airbnb announced that company employees can live and work from anywhere in the world without being paid.

Airbnb succeeded during the pandemic: Despite the pandemic, Chesky stated that Airbnb had “the most productive two-year period” in the company’s history, even though many people worked from home.

Productivity in flexibility: Restricting the recruitment group to people living within the range of replaceable offices would put the company in a “significantly worse position”, said Chesky.

  • “The best people live everywhere, not concentrated in one area. And by recruiting from a diverse community group, we will become a more diverse company. “
  • The idea of ​​offering a more flexible location policy is to enable employees to work where they are “most productive”. If employees stay and work in their homeland, there will be no wage loss. For those who have noticed a reduction in wages, incomes will adjust Business Insider.
  • Employees also have the option of working up to 90 days in 170 different countries, but they will still need a permanent address for tax reasons, Chesky said. tweet.

remote and personal balance: The company will bring together the “best of both worlds” by offering a combination of personal collaboration and meetings Zoom, Chesky he tweeted.

  • Given that the number of employees in certain jobs will have to be limited in the workplace Business Insider.
  • The company will run regular events where most of the employees will gather in person, Airbnb’s statement he said.

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