Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plans to leave Elon Musk’s X platform, here’s why

On Thursday, Aug. 31, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) said she considered leaving microblogging site X Corp, formerly known as Twitter, because of a series of loopholes that she has often criticized CEO Elon for. Musk. “If I watch how I use that platform, it’s gone down a lot,” AOC said in an interview with the American newspaper. The New York Times. AOC emphasized that it no longer used the platform.

“I think what would be a formal recess is something that we’re actively debating whether that requires an event or just something that might happen one day,” said Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

AOC reprimanded Musk for promoting and interacting with his fake account

With more than 13.2 million users on the platform followers, AOC believes that suddenly exiting the platform is not an easy task and is “not something to be taken lightly”. US politicians have criticized Musk for his policies, which have led him to oust several journalists. She also mocked Tesla’s CEO for maintaining a fake Twitter account impersonating her. The Democratic politician previously asked Musk not to follow or promote a “sick” account impersonating her online. She rejected Musk’s claims about Twitter’s security, in which he said more than 99 percent of the content users and advertisers see on the platform are “healthy.”

The third-term Democrat from New York slammed a parody Twitter account that tech billionaire Musk frequently interacts with, saying she was “assessing” what to do and what steps to take to address the issue. AOC said it had “never experienced more harassment on the platform” and wanted the platform “to be usable again”.

“I believe there is a fake account impersonating me and spreading,” AOC tweeted. The CEO of Twitter has engaged in this by increasing visibility,” she added, criticizing Musk.

The AOC said a Twitter account impersonating her was currently “spreading false policy statements”, before mocking her boyfriend and skimming her climate change policy. “I am evaluating with my team how to move forward,” AOC said. After Musk announced the $8 blue tick subscription plan in November, AOC mocked him. “LMAO at the billionaire is honestly trying to sell people the idea that free speech is actually an $8/month subscription plan,” she wrote online.

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