Algeria is better rated than Morocco

Algerian news – Algeria enchants with its rich and juicy gastronomy, a culinary experience recently praised by the specialized website Taste Atlas. On January 16, the latter revealed the ranking of the world's best cuisines on its Facebook page, ranking Algerian cuisine among the 50 best in the world, thus ahead of Moroccan cuisine.

This ranking, dominated by Italian, Japanese and Greek cuisines, respectively occupying the first three positions with a score of more than 4.60 points out of 5, reserved a privileged place for Algerian cuisine. In the world ranking, it is 40th, ahead of English cuisine and ahead of Russian cuisine, achieving an enviable score of 4.31 points out of 5. In particular, Algerian cuisine topped the ranking of African cuisines, ahead of its Moroccan counterpart, which took 46th place. with a score of 4.24 points out of 5.

In addition to this flattering classification, Algerian cuisine is famous for its diversity and richness of taste. It offers a variety of tantalizing flavors, from Mediterranean dishes such as herb pancakes to steppe delicacies such as Zviti and Chekhchoukha, not to mention Saharan delights such as Khobz El Mella (Milla bread) recipe.

Taste Atlas has highlighted several Algerian culinary treasures. Among them, Rechta was named the best African dish, while Tajine Zitoun was honored to join the top 10 chicken dishes. Chekhchoukha, a lamb dish, was also hailed as one of the best dishes in its category.

Although many foreign visitors instinctively associate Algerian cuisine with couscous, they are often pleasantly surprised when exploring the different regions of the country. They discover a variety of foods to awaken their taste buds, from Mediterranean flavors to the delights of the steppe and Saharan regions. As such, Algerian cuisine offers an authentic and diverse culinary experience that confirms its place among the best in the world. Foreign tourists, far from stereotypes, indulge in this unexpected gastronomic adventure, highlighting the cultural and culinary richness of Algeria.

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