Amogy Expands to Houston; in 2024 a new 40 mln. USD manufacturing company

HOUSTON, in 2023 September 19 /PRNewswire/ — Amogy Inc. (Amogy), a pioneer of clean, energy-efficient ammonia energy solutions, today announced its expansion into Houston, is in the process of renovating a 53,000-square-foot manufacturing facility on four acres of leased space. This development represents a major step in Amogy’s path to commercialization and commitment to accelerating the global energy transition.

The plant is scheduled to start operating in 2024. at the beginning, the investment exceeds 40 million dollars, will be used to manufacture Amogy’s innovative clean energy solution assembly. Known as the powerpack, this product provides carbon-free mobility in hard-to-cut sectors such as shipping, transportation and stationary power generation. The facility, which was previously used to manufacture oil and gas equipment, is located at 12221 N. Houston Rosslyn Road.

“We chose Houston as the “energy capital of the world” because we wanted to be close to customers, suppliers and the right talent as we scaled up our operations. We can’t wait to start production to deliver to customers around the world,” he said Seonghoon WooCEO and co-founder of Amogy.

“Amogy’s Houston facility will be a state-of-the-art facility capable of producing a clean energy solution at scale,” he said. Daniel MacCrindle, Amogy’s Operations Manager. “We are moving quickly to hire and set up the facility to begin production.”

Amogy expects to hire about 200 team members Houston object until 2024 end and recruitment is already underway. Open positions include chemical, mechanical, electrical, and systems engineers with both undergraduate and graduate (MS/PhD) degrees; production professionals; mechanics; welders; EHS specialists; operations professionals; and sales professionals. Interested candidates can explore these places by visiting

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About Amogy

in 2020 founded by four MIT PhD graduates, Amogy aims to enable the decarbonisation of emission-heavy sectors such as shipping, power generation and heavy-duty transport through ammonia-based, emission-free, energy-dense power solutions. So far, Amogy’s ammonia technology has been successfully demonstrated on a drone, a tractor and a semi-truck, and the Amogy team is currently modifying the tractor to be the world’s first ammonia-powered ship. The company’s investors include Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund, AP Ventures, SK Innovation, Aramco Ventures and Mitsubishi Corporation. More information at:

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