an orange heat wave alert is maintained in fourteen departments on Saturday

The 14 departments of Ile-de-France and the center of Valdelois are being kept under orange heat wave alert tomorrow. Météo-France updates its forecasts, Friday, September 8. Overnight, the thermometer in these two regions should rise even higher than the previous nights. The yellow alert has been extended in thirty-seven other departments, mostly in the northern half of the country. Follow our live stream.

Outside, the vigilance of the first orange heat wave “summer time”. “This is the first time that an orange heat wave alert has been activated after the summer period since the warning was set for this phenomenon in 2004.stated Météo-France. An exceptional continuation of the fourth hottest summer ever recorded in France and the hottest worldwide.

Pollution and heat for the opening match of the Rugby World Cup. Friday night’s France-New Zealand match in Saint-Denis will be played in hot (28°C in the evening) and polluted atmosphere after a week of more than 30°C every day in Paris. French regions.

Poor air quality. High heat and sunlight react with car and truck exhaust and volatile organic compounds to form ozone, a noxious gas at low altitudes that causes breathing problems and asthma attacks. This is what Ile-de-France has been experiencing since Wednesday, with “light winds that prevent the spread of pollution”stated the Airparif organization.

Episodes of high heat can be dangerous to health, especially for the elderly, disabled or isolated people who are more vulnerable. To limit the risks, remember to drink water regularly, avoid going outside and exercising during the hottest hours of the day, and close blinds and curtains on windows exposed to the sun. If you experience unusual symptoms (convulsions, sudden fatigue, nausea, vomiting, headache, etc.), do not hesitate to contact 15. Finally, do not forget to check on your most vulnerable loved ones in this intense heat.

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