Arab parliament welcomes Denmark’s decision to ban desecration of holy books

RIYADH: The International Fair and Museum of the Biography of the Prophet and Islamic Civilization in Medina recently celebrated a remarkable achievement: its branch at the headquarters of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in Rabat, Morocco, welcomed three million visitors. in record time.

The celebration was held in the presence of the Secretary General of the Islamic World League and the President of the Muslim Scholars Association, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdelkarim al-Issa; Dr. Ahmad al-Abadi, Secretary General of the Muhammadiyah Scholars Association; Salem al-Malek, CEO of Isesco, as well as many scientists, diplomats, researchers and directors of Islamic universities.

Al-Issa says the occasion is an important step in spreading knowledge about the life of the Prophet Muhammad and presenting the core values ​​of Islam using advanced technology, including virtual reality and 3D images.

Mr. Al-Issa expressed his gratitude for the support the museum received at its branch in Rabat from Isesco and the Muhammadiyah Scholars Association.

For his part, Mr Al-Abadi says the Muhammadiyah Scholars Association is very proud of this partnership, which centers on the life of the Prophet.

He emphasizes the importance of using modern technology to present the life of the prophet in a way that is accessible to all.

Mr. Al-Malek also welcomed the efforts of the Muslim World League to promote this Islamic work and organize the first traveling branch of this museum at Isesco headquarters.

in 2021 The International Fair and Museum of the Biography of the Prophet and Islamic Civilization was opened in Medina, near the Prophet’s Mosque. It is devoted to the history of the Islamic world and the life of the Prophet.

It is the first of many Islamic museums traveling the world under the auspices of the Islamic World League.

The Islamic World League ensures that the traveling museums are equipped with the same technology as the original museum in Medina, including virtual reality and 3D imaging to recreate many of the Prophet’s personal possessions.

The Medina Museum has recently been expanded with the addition of several new sections that house publications, films and interactive exhibits. In the new sections, visitors can fully understand the life and extraordinary achievements of the Prophet Muhammad.

The museum has a special section devoted to details of the Prophet’s private apartments and the homes of his companions. It highlights the new mosque section and the mini bar. There is also a seven-volume encyclopedia that provides visitors with detailed knowledge of the Prophet’s life and teachings.

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