ASM Clermont: with surprises Fainga’a and Darricarrère to challenge La Rochelle

There will be no shortage of interesting places this Saturday evening at the Michelin Stadium. Already because, before the eight-week break due to the World Cup, ASM welcomes the European champion in the match that marks the end of the three-day mini-block.

Clermont will field a fairly new team, including two new faces, when they face La Rochelle. A choice linked, firstly, to the manpower management strategy, but, secondly, to the injuries of two centers (Simone and Fouyssac) who were previously holders.

ASM Clermont v La Rochelle: A heavy blow in the center with injuries to Simon and Fouisac

“Protection” of Urios and players

The improved victory over Perpignan left its mark with three seriously injured players (Jauno, Simone, Fouissac). During the sighting at the press conference, Christophe Urios launched a small shovel…

“Injuries are a part of the season a lot. The last match cost us a lot due to injuries and various sores. A lot of players didn’t train this week, we had to protect them. That’s all we do, protect the players. . That’s how it is, in the wet it often rains.. .”

Folau Fainga’a, immediately arrived, immediately used

The other Australians in the group arrived in France last Sunday and were welcomed in Olnat, the ader Folau Fainga’a was on the training ground this Tuesday.

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From there to see him five days later against La Rochelle is a step Christophe Urios was quick to take. “He’s an international player who came out of the World Cup and played with Australia not long ago. Why am I starting him? I prefer him to start rather than finish and I prefer Etienne. (Fourcade) will have him at the end more influence on Christian (Ojowan) and Bibi (Biziwa)”.

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When asked about his brand new partner, Captain Falgu did not hesitate to talk about “a nice surprise. He just arrived, it is a strong integration, but we will try to put him in the best conditions so that he “expresses as soon as possible. I think he is well surrounded by the other Australians. You can see he has gas on the field. And he has density. His profile is quite different from our other hooks, so that’s interesting to us.”

Leon Daricarere, hard worker and puncher

The cascade of injuries at the center position will benefit young Leon Daricarere, who will experience his baptism of fire (in an official match) with the pros.

It seems that Christophe Urios did not hesitate to make this choice, carrying some reports…

“That’s a profile that we don’t always have. A big body, a guy who has gas and trains very well. And I like players who train well. It’s also a way to send a message to the youngsters: when you have the level that you work well during the week that you don’t cry every 3 minutes and well, when you have the opportunity, use it…”

The Clermont coach details the three-quarter qualities of the 19-year-old centre. “He’s a little bit of a hybrid and he’s amazing. He’s physically strong, especially in the lower body, and at the same time he’s quick and has good hands. He can make plays, maybe that will bring us things that we don’t have today, especially the ability to play standing up, for example.”

premium Fullback Alex Newsome seems to have found his place at ASM Clermont

Regarding the question about the characteristics of the young Leon and his appetite for defensive tasks, Urios’ answer speaks for itself… “Defense, yes, he likes it. But at 19 years old, if you don’t like to defend, it’s better to go and sell peanuts and popcorn at the cinema…”

As for the rest of the Clermont group selected for this shock, note Enzo Sang’s first appearance of the season (on the bench) and Julien Herrito’s first start since March and the match against Brive.

Christophe Beron

ASM Clermont XV:
Newsome; Juran, Heriteau, Darikare, Delge; o) Urdapilleta, m) Bezy; Jato, Timu, Desena; Simmons, Lannen; Slimani, Fainga’a, Falgoux (cap.).
Substitutes: Fourcade, Bibi Biziwu, Jedrasiak, Tixeront, Sanga, Plisson, Belleau, Ojovan.

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