At the beginning of the school year, Laurence Boccolini will host a new game called France 2.

This Tuesday, 2023 On July 11, France Télévisions officially announced the launch of the new entertainment presented by Laurence Boccolini on France 2 from the beginning of the school year. Here is the concept.

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A new chapter opens for Laurence Boccolini! Host on June 26 made a surprise announcement on social media about the game she hosts every day on France 2: “After reflection and many discussions with the chain and production, I decided to stop at the beginning of the school year. Everyone wants to take their place. It’s been an absolutely amazing two-year adventure and I wanted to thank YOU, the public for your kindness, and YOU adorable candidates for sharing a piece of your life with me“, she said. After her announcement, however, she clarified that she remained in the public audiovisual group: “On the way to new adventures with France Televisions and see you very, very, soon“.

The Grand French Competition : Laurence Boccolini will host a new multi-region game for France 2.

And Laurence Boccolini didn’t think he said it so well. This Tuesday, 2023 France Télévisions announced at a back-to-school press conference on July 11 that the host will lead a new game called The Grand French Competition broadcast via France 2. The one who recently launched Twitch will cross France in mainland France or abroad.organize a big competition about the knowledge of our country“, the public audiovisual group is indicated. Each candidate will represent a region and face over 200 other players in a quiz about France “to be crowned French Ambassador” also indicated by France Télévisions.

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Everyone wants to take their place : Jarry will replace Laurence Boccolini in the presentation

Laurence Boccolini is not the only group leader to have a new appointment at the start of the school year. Faustine Bollaert will play a magazine combining consumption and reviews on France 2 on Saturday afternoon. Sophie Davant, who passed the torch to Julia Vignali for her auction show The deal is donewill helm the animal-focused program broadcast on France 3. During this feature-packed press conference, program director Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez also announced that Jarry will take over as Willow’s mother. Everyone wants to take their place.

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