Back to school and normal life at Philippe de Vigneulles College in Metz

Sun, flowers, choir, smiles and a bit of excitement for sixth graders discovering a new environment. It was a comeback in more ways than one this Monday at Philippe de Vigneulles High School in Metz . Because students and staff return to their institution nine months after leaving it. Last November, a decision was made to close the college because of the unpleasant smell . Adolescents and adults had also reported pain in the stomach, throat, tingling in the eyes… As a precaution, everyone was temporarily put on hold Paul Verlaine College in Magnia .

Philippe de Vigneulles College was closed at the end of November 2022
Philippe de Vigneulles College was closed at the end of November 2022 © Radio France
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Increased surveillance

“We wanted to come back, find our environment, and this is a relief” affirms Cécile Aubertin, Principal of Philippe de Vignelle College, with energy, “The smell is gone, everything is fine. In a sign that this resumption is important, the president of the Moselle department, Patrick Whiten, and the mayor of Metz and president of Eurometropolis, François Grosdidier, drove. “We have implemented resources, invested more than 300,000 euros and launched major investigations” explains Patrick Whiten, “We constantly monitor the air inside and outside.” Sensors for CO2 and other air pollutants are installeda monitoring committee has been established and new analyzes will be carried out in September. “We are really very happy” for her part, Valérie Vrigneux, a French teacher for 25 years in Philippe de Vigneulles and elected to the board of directors, confirms. “The college has been tested from all sides so that we can start this school year in the best possible conditions.” however The origin of this phenomenon remains a mystery…

Stable workforce

Students are also happy to find their own rooms and no longer have to travel to Magnia every day. “I missed college” trusts Mellisia, third grade, “The atmosphere is not the same.” “It’s less stressful. There were twice as many people.” adds Selena, the fourth. And a testament to the hope that the relaunch caused and the trust of parents: 475 students are registered for the beginning of this school yeara stable indicator compared to other years.

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