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Amazon Basics Digital Luggage Scale Technical Specifications: Maximum Capacity: 110 lbs or 50 kg | Backlit screen: No | Color: Black | Item Weight: 3.37 oz | Material: Metal

When it comes to budget luggage scales, the Amazon Basics luggage scale is my top pick. As the name suggests, these luggage scales cover all the basics and show you the approximate weight of your bag using a simple black and white display.

Available only in black, these suitcase scales have a lightweight, minimalist design that makes them a great companion on all your adventures. As with most scales, you can change the unit of measurement by pressing the control button and reset the scale by pressing the Zero/Tare function button.

I use the Amazon Basics digital luggage scale myself, and as someone who surfs a lot, these scales have been a lifesaver – their simple features did exactly what I needed on a trip. I no longer leave the house for fear that my luggage will be too heavy and when I return from vacation I can easily regain the weight in the hotel if necessary. This scale is small enough to fit in my suitcase, trunk or bag. Its measurements are very reliable and accurate, and the strap and handle felt sturdy when I weighed my luggage.

2024-01-19 15:06:10
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