Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs: The Best Choice

The business world is constantly changing and requires constant adaptation. Whether it’s to stay up-to-date on new trends, expert advice, or simply be inspired by the success of other entrepreneurs, podcasts are a great way to learn. Here’s our pick of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs.

To grow in business

Listening to podcasts can be a great way for entrepreneurs to learn new things, get inspired, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Whether you are more interested in numbers, marketing, sales or organization, there is a podcast for the entrepreneur made for you. So, discover our selection the best podcasts for entrepreneurs listen from your smartphone to develop your business knowledge.


LITTLE BIG THINGS offers conversations with French and international entrepreneurs who share their journeys and advice to succeed in the business world. A must-have podcast for entrepreneurs.

Behind the scenes of the trade

This podcast examines the challenges and successes of e-commerce entrepreneurs. It offers practical advice for those who want to start e-commerce.

XX generation

Focused on women, this podcast highlights the stories of female entrepreneurs and innovators, offering a unique insight into the world of entrepreneurship.

To understand the numbers and revenue

GDIY – Diversify and invest yourself

This podcast focuses on investments that might be of interest to entrepreneurs who want to manage their income and invest wisely.

Rag the Podcast

This podcast explores the world of finance, economics and numbers in an accessible and informative way. It can help you better understand financial and economic concepts important to your business.

To fuel your creativity and innovate

Change My Life: Tools of the Mind

Although not specifically focused on business, this podcast offers practical tools for managing stress, improving productivity, and cultivating a positive mindset that is essential for entrepreneurs.


This podcast highlights inspiring personalities from the business and creative worlds. Guests share their experiences, successes and failures.

Learn the art of selling

Best So Far (TBOY)

In this podcast, Brandon Bornancin shares proven sales techniques and invites experts to discuss best practices for convincing prospects and increasing sales.

Emotional selling

This podcast explores selling from an emotional perspective, focusing on understanding customer emotions and creating authentic connections.

Learn to manage your time and energy


This podcast offers lessons for improving your personal and professional well-being, including tips on managing your time and balancing different areas of your life.

Off the to-do list

This podcast explores different aspects of productivity and invites experts to share their tips and advice on time management, decision-making and focus. Indispensable to stop being overwhelmed by daily chores.

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