Beyoncé’s silver plea to fans created a huge economic impact

The season of the virgin is in full swing, and world-famous virgin Beyoncé has urged fans to ring in the zodiac term with a glowing request.

As she celebrated her 42nd birthday on September 4 and wrapped up the final month of her Renaissance World Tour, Beyoncé urged her fans to wear silver dresses to her concerts during her maiden season, which ends on September 22.

“As we approach our final month, my birthday wish is to celebrate with you wearing your most gorgeous silver fashions at the 8/23 and 9/22 shows!” the star wrote on her Instagram post and she Web page. “Every night we will surround ourselves with a glittering human disco ball.”

Since the August 23 announcement, small businesses have seen an increase in searches and sales of silver items, with Etsy reporting a 25 percent increase in searches for silver clothing and accessories. The New York Times reported.

Fans dressed in silver arrive at the stadium in Sofia for the Beyoncé Renaissance World Tour on September 1. Jason Armond | Getty Images.

Drive it fans on TikTok and even celebrities such as a TV presenter Gayle King and comedian Rosie O’Donnellindependent business owners saw an increase in searches and sales of silver blouses, corsets, t-shirts and “disco hats”.

@rosie is it true #beyonce fans – about wearing silver in LA on Labor Day for her concert?!?!?! someone must know the deal… #silverclothing #Saturday night ♬ Original Sound – Rosie ODonnell

Coquetry Clothing, based in Olive Branch, Mississippi, received emails from fans desperate for a silver dress. The shop, which specializes in handmade spandex pieces, has adapted and created pieces to meet the demand.

“We literally just switched fabrics and styles to make them all silver holographic,” Ellie May Klimczak, the store’s founder, told NYT.

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Anna Ferguson, owner of Etsy shop OneLoveOneAnna Designs, told the outlet that a surge in demand for her disco ball earrings turned her side job into her main source of income this year.

This is not the first time that the global pop star’s world tour, which began on May 10 in Stockholm, has had an economic ripple effect. In June, economists began pointing to Beyoncé’s world tour for its surprising impact on the Swedish economy. The May inflation rate is lower than expected due to increased demand for hotels and restaurant meals spurred by her tour.

“Maybe it’s not all down to her, because there are other events going on, but when you think about what the cause was, she’s the prime suspect,” said Michael Grahn, chief economist in Sweden for Danske Bank. NBC news at the time.

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