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Brüel & Kjær Vibro (B&K Vibro), one of the world’s leading suppliers of condition monitoring solutions for rotating machinery, has launched SETPOINT® 2023, a version of the SETPOINT® solution that provides extended monitoring capability.

SETPOINT 2023 means that the B&K Vibro can now receive data from multiple sources, including:

Wireless sensors BKV Collect + Gateways BKV Connect – Wireless accelerometer sensors, BKV Collect, send data to gateways, BKV Connect, which are forwarded to the data manager for the AVEVA™ PI System™ via SETPOINT 2023. The data is stored and monitored on the AVEVA PI System servers. Data can also be remotely monitored and diagnosed as a service and/or analyzed with AVEVA PI System analytics. Machines that use wireless sensors are mainly semi-critical machines and plant balancing machines.

VCM-3 – This versatile field monitor captures data from accelerometers and other types of sensors on semi-critical and balancer machines. Now you can store and monitor this data in the AVEVA PI system via SETPOINT®2023 in a similar way to wireless sensors, but without using a gateway.

SETPOINT 2023 can support up to 150 sensors, but multiple SETPOINT platforms can write to the same AVEVA PI System/AF database. The data is stored in the AVEVA PI system, but there are buffers along the entire collection chain, at the wireless sensor, at the gateway and at the SETPOINT itself. This ensures that occasional network outages do not result in data loss.

Jonathan Fox, product manager for SETPOINT and VC-8000, said: “This new version of SETPOINT opens up a wide range of advanced monitoring solutions that are very cost-effective. With SETPOINT 2023, more than just critical machines can now be monitored. Now it can also cost-effectively control plant balancing machines by receiving data from the VCM-3 and wireless sensors via network gateways.”

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