Blackswan, the first non-Korean K-Pop group

Blackswan is a girl group that sings in Korean to millimetric choreographies that glorify self-love, infused with sweet flights and R&B grooves… In short, it’s K-pop or Korean pop! On stage: Indian Shreya, Brazilian Gabi, American Nvee and Fatou Samba, the first black idol in K-POP history!

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The principle is the same as the Spice Girls, everyone chooses to identify with one of the band members. The positive goal of the internationalization of this genre is that all K-Pop fans have the opportunity to see people who look like them.

Korean entertainment giants had already conquered the whole world with legendary K-Pop groups such as Blackpink or BTS, turning them into products of global culture. Can establish itself at the top of all the charts, for example, representing the main luxury brands. But these were still groups of Koreans in Korea.

Now the big K-POP companies are also betting on new non-Korean workers.

Everyone can try their luck. You just need to go through the “casting” stage in Korea, become the so-called “trainees” to train intensively for at least 6 months. No outings!! And only there it will be possible to apply to integrate the group and go to the “Idol” stage.

This is the Korean method: Europeans and Latin Americans seem to have a harder time following it. That doesn’t mean the young Koreans are getting along well either, you’ll tell me, given the number of ruined fortunes in these K-star factories…

In fact, the logic of the “cultural product” reaches its climax in South Korea. A K-Pop group is like a model car, with interchangeable parts like parts and a changing name.

Back to BlackSwan: You will see pictures online where the band members are not always the same… Very strange. The group has existed for 12 years and was renamed or rebranded as we say in good French 3 times and 23 young ladies made it! Not just in one position, the entire group consists of artists under fixed-term contracts that are renewed almost entirely in circulation.

Blackswan’s product is the most important: an international and multicultural model that can increase the speed of Korea’s exports! Guess it’s still possible…

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