Blaise (everyone wants to take their place) reacts to his title as the greatest champion in the Jarry era

This is a candidate who is sure to make an impact Everyone wants to take their place. Blaise, the current France 2 game champion he holds the record for longevity in entertainment since the arrival of Jarry with 27 wins and €25,200 in winnings this Friday, November 17 Already charmed by the exit of Ane – the first participant to occupy the red chair after her arrival – the host emphasized the performance of the 38-year-old engineering school teacher-researcher on November 9. “You are my biggest champion now that I've pitched this show” he was told by someone who had recently injured his knee. The father of two children, 8 and 5 years old, spoke Tele-Leisure.

Blaise (Everyone wants to take their place) about his first participation: “There's always the fear of making a fool of yourself”

Télé-Loisirs: What prompted you to participate Everyone wants to take their place ?

Blaise: I watch the show for a very long time, not always very regularly because of my work. When I saw Jarry taking over the game, I started watching more. I really liked his energy. And then at the same time I saw an online casting call on a social network, I jumped at the chance.

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Have you participated in other televised games before?

in 2010 I participated Questions for the champion but i was eliminated in the first phase. It's not the same atmosphere. I'm finally getting more comfortable with the format Everyone wants to take their place where there is less pressure, there is more relaxation. We educate ourselves but have fun.

You said you don't tell anyone about your involvement except your wife. For what reasons?

There's always the fear of making a fool of yourself on the first show so I wanted to not promote it too much. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to answer the questions, that I would be too involved in the stress and stakes, so I waited until I knew what my results were before posting.

“I was thinking about my wife” : Blaise (Everyone wants to take their place) talks about his journey in France 2

During the first victory, you were particularly moved by…

Ever since I've been watching, I've realized that it's always complicated Challenge defeat the champion. I told myself that if I succeeded, there would still be pride for making it to this stage. I thought of my wife, who is always forcing me to do such experiments. She told me it would cheer me up and she was absolutely right.

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Did you watch the show before attending?

I've looked up the thread a bit Competition but not much. I went there for fun and told myself if it works great, if it doesn't it's no big deal. I really had no ambitions to become a great champion and I had absolutely no idea where it would lead me.

Did you start doing this after becoming a champion?

I've noticed that topics I don't take can be re-suggested, so when I'm hesitant about two subjects, I go and update my knowledge, delve into the subjects, but I have a professional and family life outside of filming. I don't always have time to fill in my gaps.

So where does your impressive culture come from?

I don't think I have a very deep culture outside of my research topics.. I often miss certain subjects like geography. However, I have an eclectic knowledge that I owe mostly to my parents. My mother, a professor of literature, and my father, a university professor of archaeology, allowed me to immerse myself in different environments.

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Blaise (TLMVPSP) discusses her relationship with Jarry: “I'm very proud to share it with him”

You came close to elimination several times during your debut, but despite everything, you remain the champion. How would you explain this success?

I ran out of strategy in the final. Since then, I have been a little more cautious in my responses. I'm not asking for any more Cash oh Duo enough to win a game for example. It was because of these mistakes that I was removed, but fortunately the opposite candidate agreed to negotiate. On the other hand, I don't think I'll get any more comfortable or confident as the shows progress.

You are already the first great champion in the Jarry era. What inspires you?

I am very proud to share this with Jarry because he is a great person. I also highlighted this on air because it touched me. The day it stops I'll be very sad, that's for sure, and very disappointed in myself, but I haven't set myself that many goals.

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