British MP fined for racist abuse of Bahraini activist – World

LONDON: A British MP who once commanded UN peacekeeping forces in Bosnia was fined on Friday after being found guilty of racial abuse.

Conservative MP Bob Stewart, 74, was convicted of racially aggravated public disorder and ordered to pay £600 ($743) plus costs after a one-day trial at a central London court.

The former army officer confronted human rights activist Sayed Ahmed Alwadaei after the incident at the Bahraini embassy last December.

Alwadaei, who was protesting outside, shouted: “Bob Stewart, how much did you sell yourself to the Bahraini regime?”

The MP replied: “Go away, I hate you. You get very upset. Go back to Bahrain.”

In the recording, played during the trial at Westminster Magistrates’ Court, Stewart told Alwadaei: “You’re taking money from my country, go away.”

He also said, “Now shut up, you foolish man.”

The activist told Judge Paul Goldspring that by questioning Stewart, he was exercising his right to protest alleged corruption and human rights abuses in the Middle Eastern country.

He said he had not intended to offend the lawmaker, who he accused of being funded by Bahrain and acting as a “well-known supporter” of the regime. The protester also claimed that Stewart shouted “God save the King of Bahrain” during the trip to the country.

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