British Prime Minister Sunak sacked Interior Minister Braverman over protest comments – Council

LONDON: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sacked his home secretary Suella Braverman on Monday, a government source said, as part of a wider reshuffle after she criticized police handling of a pro-Palestinian march.

Under pressure from opposition lawmakers and members of his ruling conservative party to oust Braverman, Sunak contradicted his interior minister and asked her “to leave the government,” which she accepted, the source said.

The Sun tabloid’s political editor said she would be replaced by Foreign Secretary James Cleverly.

As Sunak began to reshuffle his cabinet team, former prime minister David Cameron was seen walking into Downing Street, sparking speculation that he would return to government.

Last week, Braverman defied Sunak by publishing an article in which he accused the police of adopting a “double standard” in their handling of the protests – an argument which opposition Labor claims fueled tensions at pro-Palestinian demonstrations on Saturday.

Britain’s Sunak is awaiting an election as the ruling Tories convene

More than 140 people were then arrested after far-right counter-protesters clashed with police who tried to keep them away from 300,000 pro-Palestinian protesters.

Sunak is expected to make several changes to his cabinet, bringing in allies and ousting some ministers who his Downing Street office says have not performed as well as he wanted in their departments.

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