Canoe Kayak Sprint – Worlds. Axel Renard (SN Besançon): “We are approaching the best”

Axel Renard and her partner Eugenie Dorange, who reached the semi-finals of the C2 500m sprint at the World Championships, saw qualification for the Paris Olympics momentarily escape them. However, the duo calmed down this Saturday, winning the B final (1’58”961) by almost a second and a half ahead.

More than a consolation prize for the new quest of the Maritime Society of Besançon. “After being eliminated in the semifinals with Eugenia, we were very disappointed. We had to get into the top eight and we finished 10the. But we are proud to have won this B final. This proves that we are no longer very far from the best”, analyzes Axel Renard.

Achievement is possible in 2024

The 21-year-old especially remembers the progress made with her partner. “This year again we often set sail with the best boats. But where we were troubled by their last wave, this time we were able to hold the fight until the end. So yes, it’s unfortunate that we didn’t manage to qualify for these World Championships, but it wasn’t our last chance. »

New places for the 2024 Olympic Games will be awarded next May during the World Cup in Szeged. “We still have nine months to move forward and settle the last little details to get a ticket to Paris. »

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