Cartoon: draft of a new constitution for the DRC

Under the leadership of Professor Isidore Ndaywela, the draft of a new constitution for the DRC was presented on Saturday 19 August at a conference in Kinshasa. This researcher and historian showed that since its creation after the Berlin Conference, the DRC is in danger of disintegration mainly due to the greed for its natural resources, which the world economy is constantly claiming.

The current constitution has been in place since 2006. It was after a referendum, a process born out of dialogue between the government and various rebel leaders. Professor Naywel suggests moving some provisions so that instead of the prime minister, he has a vice-president in particular. It also proposes that the irrevocability of Congolese nationality should only apply to countries bordering the DRC.

This draft of the new constitution comes a few months before the end of the first term of the current head of state, Félix Tshisekedi, who is constitutionally entitled to run again in the December 20 presidential election. However, Isidore Ndaywel wanted to assure the public that his approach is purely scientific and his goal is to preserve the territorial integrity of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He refuted the idea of ​​a political approach.

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