Celeros FT announces sustainable strategy

Celeros Flow Technology has developed its business strategy to help customers accelerate their energy transition and reduce their carbon footprint.

The company announced its vision to make sustainability a driver of product development and life cycle services following the recent divestment of its filtration business.

“Since we were founded in 2020, we’ve been helping customers improve efficiency and reduce emissions, but we’re at an important turning point in the global fight against climate change, and as a company we need to recognize the challenges this poses for our customers and our own operations,” says Jose Larios, president and CEO of Celeros Flow Technology.

“Our new mission statement clearly defines how our flow control solutions can support our customers’ sustainability goals by reducing their carbon emissions and environmental impacts. We are committed to designing for a more sustainable future by developing products for emerging applications in carbon capture and storage, new nuclear and renewable energy, while continuing to support existing conventional and energy customers to decarbonize their operations. Together we can create a safer, more resilient and cleaner energy future.”

New energy, nuclear and defense are targeted growth areas for Celeros FT, but the company remains committed to supporting all its customers across the energy spectrum. Celeros FT predicts that demand for its lifecycle services will increase as the world seeks to decarbonize existing industrial activities.

Larios says: “The energy transition will take some time to achieve and we cannot ignore the role that oil and gas will continue to play in the global economy. We must therefore focus on making these operations as sustainable as possible. Updating existing assets to reduce emissions and reduce energy consumption is key. Celeros FT supports this process by developing low-emission flow control technology and optimizing assets through maintenance and upgrades. Our end-to-end lifecycle solutions are designed to help each customer reduce emissions, optimize operational efficiency and deliver sustainable returns.”

In line with its new mission, Celeros FT has just made a significant investment in a nuclear testing facility in France, which provides a unique testbed for the development of safety-critical pumps for the next generation of EPR2 nuclear reactors. A major upgrade is also underway at its flagship global pump facility in Glasgow, including environmental and energy upgrades to facilitate the production of critical pumps that support national energy security and sustainability policies. His Valves company recently introduced the Green Valve Packing System, designed to dramatically reduce fugitive emissions, and his signature Bandlock™2 closures are now hydrogen ready.

Celeros FT has set itself the goal of making its own operations carbon neutral by 2030 and achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

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