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Meeting with Paralympic athletes from 2024. Paris Olympic Games

After 2024 With the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, the timeless cast of the last season of the Vestiaires series was joined by new actors: Paralympic athletes, multiple medal winners or young athletes waiting for the Games. Paris in 2024 Sports fans from France Télévisions were able to meet and chat with them during a unique screening.

The locker room, the pool where they train, Romy and Orson, two disabled swimmers, have been sharing their vision of the world with us for over ten years, with a touch of humor and self-deprecation.
Taking into account the 2024 With the Paris Olympics, the show’s producers and directors decided to include new faces, new sports and new types of disabilities in the long-awaited 13th season.

France Télévisions sports fans have been able to preview this new season.
At the center of this event, 175 high school students with a passion for sports had the opportunity to participate in a master class where they could meet and interact with the series’ team, actors and Paralympic athletes.
On stage, next to Adda Abdelli, better known as “Romy”, and Ludivine Munos, responsible for 2024. Paralympic integration of the Paris Games and a triple Paralympic gold medal in swimming, there were talented athletes such as Sofyane Mehiaoui (basketball chair), Charles Noakes. (para-badminton), Gwendoline Matos (goalball), Kevin Liotas (shooting para), Charlotte Fairbank (chair tennis), Méril Loquette (para-badminton), Dorian Foulon (para-cycling) and Agathe Pauli (para-swimming).

Young high school students eager to learn more about their sports and their mental states before 2024. Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris, took advantage of the unique opportunity to ask all their questions:
“How did the idea to create the series come about? Cloakrooms did she come »
“What were the main challenges you faced on your journey?” »
“Has your disability hindered your success? »
“How many hours a day do you train?” »

The responses of the film crew and Paralympic athletes sublimated stereotypes and inspired young people, showing that perseverance and passion can overcome life’s obstacles.

The event continued with screenings of 16 episodes of Season 13 Cloakrooms. A moment of pure entertainment and laughter, a timeless, privileged moment when the show features Paralympic athletes. Positivity and goodwill permeated the atmosphere, and laughter and jokes created a warm and friendly environment.

Since 2011 Cloakrooms captivate the audience with your combination of humor and love! With the inclusion of other sports and disabilities, season 13 promises to continue to break barriers and inspire audiences. Approaching 2024 For the Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games, the series celebrates unity and inclusion through sport.

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