Controversies in Attal's government and what health for tomorrow?

After the first part, which was devoted to current events (Emmanuel Macron's press conference and the controversy over national education after the appointment of Amelie Oudé-Castre), the program Ma France focused on the current affairs of the world of health.

Emmanuel Macron's XXL press conference, who is summoning 300 to 400 journalists to the Elysée tonight for a radio and television exchange. Michael Darmon, political commentator for France Bleu assessed the challenges of this speech. Ghislaine David Secretary General and Representative of SNUipp-FSU spoke about concerns in national education after the first declarations of the new minister Amélie Oudéa-Castera. And for the days when teachers are absent, Dominique Resch, teacher of French language and history-geography In the northern districts of Marseille, now retired, there was evidence of problems affecting his establishment.

In the second part of the show, we talk about your health with a Member of Parliament who traveled France to observe the distribution of health and find tools to facilitate access to care. Deputy of Guillaume Garot in Mayenne is Ma in France with the testimony of your listeners, but also Martial Jardel, Doctor of Solidarity And Vincent Yus, Director of the Rochefoucauld Hospital Center. Finally, we paid tribute to our colleague Clementina Verño, who died of bile duct cancer on Christmas Eve at the age of 31. Samuel Aslanoff, Editor-in-Chief of France Info came to talk about a podcast produced by a Radiofrance journalist.

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