Crunchyroll is partnering with Google to promote the growth of the anime world

Google and Crunchyroll announce a multi-year strategic partnership to accelerate and support the global ambition of anime streaming service.

This partnership for Crunchyroll relies on an existing contract between Google and Sony Pictures Entertainment, which plans to partner with Android, Google TV and Android TV OS, YouTube, Google Advertising Solutions and Google Cloud. The leader in anime streaming will partner with Mountain View to strengthen its direct business to consumers to achieve a truly next level of scale, flexibility and audience experience.

Crunchyroll continues to meet the growing demand for anime by providing an innovative and entertaining streaming experience to audiences around the world.“said Thomas Curian, CEO of Google Cloud.”We’re excited to partner with Crunchyroll on Google Cloud, Android, and Google Advertising solutions to help your business deepen its customer relationship and increase the efficiency of its operations.“. Thomas Overton, Crunchyroll’s chief technology officer, added: “As our former anime companies rejoin the Sony brand Crunchyroll around the world, this partnership is helping to optimize our service by integrating some of Google’s best solutions to diversify our platform and enrich the fan experience.

The axis of evolution of Crunchyroll with the help of Google

  • Enhanced viewer experience with content personalization: Google Cloud will enable Crunchyroll to improve its ability to engage and retain audiences based on established technology and privacy-based content personalization, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies.
  • Stay informed about product and content innovations: With Google Cloud’s expertise in data management and analytics, AI, and ML, Crunchyroll will be able to make better use of customer and user insights to inform new fan experiences and future developments.
  • Reach audiences around the world: Crunchyroll will be able to distribute your content and subscription services widely across Google Play on Android, Google TV, and other Android TV OS devices.
  • Engage fans and drive growth: With Google’s advertising solutions, Crunchyroll will continue to provide fans with a unique, ad-supported video-on-demand experience with more than 100 series. This will allow it to expand its reach, connect with key audiences and develop the platform with a seamless advertising experience.

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