Cyril Baille should be back in three to four weeks

Concussed against Fiji in last week’s 34-17 win over Fiji in Nantes, Bastien Chaluroux did not take part in Tuesday’s session in Cape Breton (Landes). “He’s been a little upset lately, said Blues health manager Bruno Boussagol. It was felt that he should be taken today. He remains in the group. It has been saved until the end of the week. »

On the other hand, Lyon football player Romain Taofifenua, who could not play a single training match this summer due to a hamstring injury, stayed on Tuesday. “He was supposed to train normally this week, according to Boussagol. He did very well in today’s training. He is among the players reported for Sunday’s game against Australia. »

As for Toulouse left-back Cyril Bale, who has been complaining about his calf since the win against Scotland (30-27), he is continuing his rehabilitation with the Blues. “He had a partial discharge related to a calf injury, Boussagol stated at the press conference. His recovery is optimal at the moment, he will resume normal support from tomorrow. The idea is to take him for the fourth or fifth week, so that in three or four weeks he can be back in the group if all goes well. » Bale is part of a group of 33 players selected on Monday for the World Cup (from September 8 to October 28).

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