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As every year, November is the perfect time to do some end-of-the-year shopping and Christmas gifts. However, Black Friday may not arrive until the end of the month, but deals from e-retailers and major Tech brands are already starting to become available.

Black Friday, that time of the year when it’s possible to get great deals on absolutely every product category, is officially here very soon. But you should still know that for some e-retailers or major brands, it has already started since the first day of November. Indeed, we’re already seeing preview deals for Black Friday as we write these lines, even if we suspect the best deals will arrive on the day. So when does it happen? Who is attending the event? Where and how to find the best offers according to your needs and budget? Don’t worry, Frandroid is here to help you.

Black Friday dates in 2023

The traditional “Black Week” will run a whole week of promotions before the event, from Friday, November 17 to Thursday, November 23. After that Black Friday can officially start on the morning of Friday, November 24 until midnight on Sunday, November 26. The famous Cyber ​​Monday will finally bring it all to a close on Monday, November 27.

What to know about Black Friday in France?

Like the most important sales in France, Black Friday is well regulated by the legal conditions that traders must comply with. For example, selling at a loss remains prohibited and promotion restrictions (“Within 3000 units“or”while stocks last“) must be clearly displayed. If nothing is specified, the merchant must ensure delivery for the duration of the promotion, even if temporarily out of stock.

Purchases made obviously entitle you to the same conditions as classic online sales, with the exception of commercial measures, that is, with a legal guarantee of compliance of 2 years and a withdrawal period always of 14 days according to law.

Which e-retailers are participating in Black Friday?

For most e-retailers, both in France and around the world, the end of the year accounts for the largest part of the annual turnover, so it is inconceivable that some well-known hexagon resellers are missing. Here is the list:

That’s not all, as some well-known Tech brands will be offering Black Friday deals right on their online store.

Categories to look out for during Black Friday

It’s hard to know which specific product will be on sale before Black Friday kicks off, but we can already assume that many categories in the tech world will be at knock-off prices. So this will be a good time to pay if you want to replace your smartphone, tablet, TV, laptop, wireless headphones or earphones, or even equip yourself with connected objects. No doubt there will be great deals on the video game side as well, possibly even on the new generation of consoles.

This time of year is also an opportunity for operators and internet service providers to offer very attractive offers on their internet box subscriptions or mobile plans. Even VPNs or online banks could get involved.

How to prepare well for this Black Friday?

As you will understand, the month of November will be busy with promotions and given the scale of the event in France, you might miss out on some good deals. But don’t panic, Frandroid has you covered and today we’re going to give you some tips so you don’t miss a thing.

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Next to the main Frandroid account we also have an account @FrandroidPromos dedicated only to good deals. You’ll find all the Black Friday deals we’ll be sharing on Twitter, so remember to follow us and, most importantly, activate the little bell for real-time notifications.

2. Subscribe to our newsletter

At Frandroid, you can subscribe to our Good Deals newsletter to get the best deals every day. Don’t worry, this is not spam, just sending the best offer of the moment and only once a day. We are not trying to abuse, the same goes for your email address which will only be used to get you the best deal of the day and that’s it.

3. Download our Frandroid application

The Frandroid application was updated at the same time as our website was redesigned at the end of 2019. There you can certainly find all the news and various product tests, as well as the Good offers section, where it is possible to activate only notifications of this category, which will allow you know in real time when we publish an article related to Black Friday. The application is available on iOS and Android.

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