discover the world’s best chef candidate competition

Where to watch Top Chef World All Stars streaming?
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Exciting competition

Excellent chefs, who have won or reached the finals of the show, compete in increasingly delicious and sophisticated challenges. In particular, among the participants, find the winner of the tenth season of Top Chef France, Samuel Albert.

Our citizen Helena Darroz will be part of the jury. Who will win the title of world’s best chef?

It is a real world gastronomy championship that awaits 16 participants. Discover Quick Tests: 5 minutes to select 3 ingredients to cook fish and snacks, all of which must be placed on a cracker. Enjoy elimination challenges: for example, highlighting vegetables in a dish or cooking a rice dish for a hundred guests. Candidates will need to demonstrate ingenuity and excellence.

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Paris in the spotlight

If most of the competition takes place in London, then the final stage will be held in Paris, the city of light. The jury will mainly be made up of culinary symbols such as Hélène Darrose and Alain Ducasse. In addition, to spice things up even more, Chef Tom Colizzo will introduce the “Last Chance Kitchen” in the second part of the show. This is a great opportunity for evicted contestants to return to the competition.

Helen Darroz never stops shining

In 2021, the French favorite chef received new Michelin stars: 2 for “Marsan” in Paris and 3 for “Hélène at The Connaught” in London. The following year, her company Hélène Darroze at Villa La Coste, located in a Provençal estate, was awarded a star shortly after opening. In March 2023, she opened a burger establishment in Paris called Jòia Bun.

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