DRC: building a strong state and better living conditions (Pr Ngoie Tshibambe)

The Democratic Republic of Congo must take responsibility, build a strong state and create better living conditions, said Congolese internationalist Ger Germa Ngoie Tshibambe on Monday, 6 June. In honor of the royal couple’s visit to Kinshasa, he thinks that Congo, as a responsible country, should not wait for good relations with Belgium.

“So the ball is in our court. We have to take it upon ourselves, we have to have the skills, the ability, the leadership, the will to build a strong country that can create the conditions for a better life in this area, and there will be interesting prospects with Belgium.or he announced.

Bilateral relations between Belgium and the DRC are currently in good shape, and cooperation between the two countries appears to be beginning on a new footing following Brussels’ intervention in Kinshasa’s internal affairs in the past.

“I would like to consider this moment as a moment when we can look in the mirror. If diplomatic relations were not in good shape in the past, it is because we did not suffer Belgian interference in our internal affairs on the Congolese side, we did not suffer as a result of Belgium teaching us. “recalls Germain Ngoie, a full professor at the University of Lubumbashi and a specialist in international relations.

He called on the Congolese government and all forces to join forces to transform the DRC into a “more beautiful country than before”.

“If we really succeed in transforming our country, to make it a power that can make the most of our natural resources, if we allow the world to offer that we are a country that can defend itself, if we give the impression that we cannot accept ourselves if we have a country, a respectable country, a country that is not fragile, I do not think we have a good relationship with Belgium.analyzes Pr Germain Ngoie.

Negative effects acknowledged

King Philip of Belgium and his wife, Queen Mathilde, begin an official visit to the DRC on Tuesday, June 7. The Belgian rulers will be accompanied by a large government delegation consisting in particular of the Prime Minister, the Minister for Development Cooperation and the Secretary of State for Science Policy.

In this case, Patrick Mujaja, Minister of Communications and Media, calls on the Congolese people to warmly welcome the sovereign of Belgium.

“There were detrimental consequences of colonization and the restoration of independence, these are responsibilities that have been recognized. I believe that the relationship we have today is no longer the same as it was 60 or 70 years ago.a representative of the DRC government acknowledged.

Patrick Mujaya considers the arrival of King Philip and his queen Matilda to be a “symbolic day”.

“I think it’s always good to receive guests in our culture, even if we then meet under the Christmas tree to discuss the things that separate us.”he added.

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