Dunkirk chose to save the world

CO2 – Dunkirk was chosen along with 20 industrial clusters worldwide to accelerate the transition to industrial decarbonisation

Dunkirk, a place to breathe. industrial center “DCarbonation”. Dunkirkin the North, has joined a global initiative led by World Economic Forum around the zero crossing net CO2 emissions industrial clusters learned 20 minutes, this Thursday. “In 2014, Dunkerque opted for a new decarbonised industrial model. This commitment to innovation makes our territory today the leading decarbonisation center in France,” says Patrice Vergriete, former mayor turned accommodation minister.

“Net zero emissions” in 2050

Supported by the World Economic Forum in partnership with Accenture and EPRI, this industrial decarbonisation transition initiative brings together 20 industrial sites across four continents. Dunkirk is currently the only one for France. In addition to reducing CO2 emissions, this group of private industrialists and public actors aims to “create jobs and develop new technologies by sharing best practices in policy, financing, innovation and partnerships”.

The industrial center of Dunkirk, called “Dcarbonation”, covers the sea port, as well as steel, aluminum (…) Read more in 20 minutes

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