EA Sports FC 24: These 5 Players Officially Have Better Ratings Than Ronaldo and Messi on FUT!

In fact, on September 29, EA Sports FC 24, formerly FIFA, will appear worldwide on our consoles. And if you’re already enjoying certain rewards thanks to FIFA 23, here’s some good news: player ratings have dropped.

Five players officially better than Ronaldo and Messi!

When you’re a football fan and have been playing different FIFA games for years, it’s often difficult to know which player you really want. And when usually everyone tries to hope for Ronaldo or even Messi in FUT, new players (women of course) could change the situation.

In fact, it is through a social network

Thus, players from EA Sports FC 24 will be able to benefit from the Australian player Sam Kerr with a score of 90which is therefore better than Neymar who has a score of 89 or even Caroline Graham Hansen WHO, with a score of 90is also better than Neymar but also better than the player Mohamed Salah.

Here are the top 5 players:

  • Alexia Putellas with a score of 91
  • Aitana Bonmati with 90 points
  • Sam Kerr with a score of 90
  • Caroline Graham Hansen with a score of 90
  • Kadidiatou Diani with a score of 89

For those who might be interested, here it is Top 5 best players in EA Sports FC 24with, without too many surprises, first place for French player Kylian Mbappéclosely followed by Alexia Putellas:

  • Kylian Mbappé with 91 points
  • Alexia Putellas with a score of 91
  • Erling Haaland with 91 points
  • Kevin De Bruyne with 91 points
  • Aitana Bonmati with 90 points

For all the information about EA Sports FC 24 player statistics, do not hesitate to consult title official page.

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