Emirates News Agency – 250 experts and 90 different activities at IGCF 2023

SHARYA, 28 August 2023 (WAM) —

Organized by the Sharjah Government Media Bureau (SGMB), the 12th edition of the International Government Communication Forum (IGCF 2023) scheduled for September 13-14 at Expo Center Sharjah unveiled a packed itinerary of more than 90 specialized and diverse events.

The program will include discussions, speeches, workshops and trainings, as well as pre-forum activities, which will take place on 14 stages. These activities are designed to inspire and inform government communication practitioners, students and the media, and to shape a more dynamic and connected future for the field in the UAE and around the world.

These activities will be carried out by more than 250 local and international experts and supported by more than 35 local, regional and international partners. The forum, which has attracted more than 50,000 visitors and participants worldwide in its previous editions, will hold its 12th edition under the theme “Today’s Resources, Tomorrow’s Wealth”.

Speakers and guests will discuss mechanisms to address the challenges that hinder the full and proper use of resources and share ideas on how these resources can be turned into wealth to promote economic and social development.

The forum is an opportunity to interact with decision-makers and experts in the field of government communication, as well as open new horizons for students and researchers from the UAE and various countries around the world.

SGMB Director General Tariq Said Allaj emphasized that the global development map is dynamic and ever-changing, requiring accurate and thoughtful government communication responses and strategies to cope with these simultaneous changes.

He noted that in an environment of rapid change, adaptability, agility and preparedness become critical factors and that government communication is essential as an effective tool to influence our future trajectory.

He added: “The IGCF opens new opportunities for government communication, guiding future efforts and strategies, while taking into account the changing global challenges and opportunities. The forum presents solutions for using resources in all their forms to develop and improve the quality of life of peoples”.

The forum includes a full program of 12 keynote sessions and inspiring keynotes. In it, communication is central to the strategy to introduce new resources, explore their importance, identify them and transform them into renewable wealth for countries, all within the framework of the four main pillars of the IGCF 2023.

Under the Natural Resources Pillar, humanity is alerted to the challenges of climate change, environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources through insightful sessions and inspirational speeches that will continue sustainability, food security, hunger eradication, recycling and solar energy. Discussions will also explore ways countries can invest in their natural resources, their impact on resource sustainability, and the balance between resource abundance and overconsumption.

Under the pillar of intangible wealth, the forum highlights the efforts that should be made to attract human and intellectual resources, which are no less important than natural resources. The discussions also discuss the field of education, revolutionary changes in the concept of teaching and the main experiences of the world in this field. Through its “Technology and Data: The Disruptive Wealth of the Age” tablet, the forum will engage the audience in insightful sessions on artificial intelligence.

Under the pillar “Building the Future of the Wealth of Nations”, the forum will showcase future disruptions that will have far more impact than the Industrial Revolution. Discussions will focus on renewable resources, modern sports, data, advanced knowledge technologies and the education revolution in the age of technology and artificial intelligence.

More than 16 interesting activities organized by leading bodies in strategic areas of interest to specialists, academics, journalists and students will take place in four seminar rooms. Organized by the IGCF in collaboration with the COP28 Presidency, the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and the Sharjah Rubu’ Qarn Foundation, the Sustainability Seminar will highlight challenges and opportunities in the field of sustainability. The Alef Education and Arab Youth Center will organize an Arabic language seminar to promote the role of the Arabic language in government communication. A seminar on cyber security will be hosted by the UAE Cyber ​​Security Council, while a seminar on global media will be hosted by the Emirates News Agency (WAM).

IGCF, in collaboration with the University of Sharjah, will organize a “News Lab” that will include 8 workshops and a panel discussion on different media content creation methods, as well as the highly anticipated “University Challenge”, which will be open to universities. UAE and GCC and organized in collaboration with the United Arab Emirates University (UAE), in addition to the “Researcher Platform” initiative launched by SGMB to provide knowledge-based content and a database for all matters related to government communication. to become an essential reference for practitioners, researchers and academics in the field as well as a forum for the exchange of knowledge and research.

Gov scene. The talks will be organized by 10 panel discussions and speeches in collaboration with several partners such as Trends Research and Advisory, Sharjah Supreme Council for Family Affairs Health Education Department, Sharjah Press Club, Sharjah Media City (Shams), AAEU, Family Department. Development and its branches, and the Department of District and Village Affairs.

During the forum, Trends Research and Advisory will present a report on ways to manage human resources and conserve and develop natural resources in light of global economic challenges. The IGCF will also focus on various topics such as digital health media, the journey of media from traditional to modern formats, the power of artificial intelligence in improving communication in the digital age, the role of educational institutions and media in achieving national sustainability goals, and the role of responsible communication in promoting sustainability visions.

In addition, the platform offers a unique opportunity to discuss the reality and future of media, especially digital media, with younger generations. There will also be a specialized session on the role of district councils as a link between the government and society in strengthening social cohesion.

IGCF 2023 partners will present 29 talks, inspirational talks and workshops in 4 dedicated rooms hosted by Sharjah Government Relations Department, Department of Statistics and Community Development, Department of Agriculture and Livestock and a room dedicated to partners including Sharjah Youth Council, Sharjah Entrepreneurship. center (Sheraa), Rubu’ Qarn Foundation, Sharjah and Trends Research and Advisory to highlight best practices and experiences in various economic and social sectors, enrich knowledge and increase awareness of the importance of communication in supporting sustainable development issues.

Topics will cover critical areas of sustainable development and social well-being, where participants will debate the importance of data in improving development indicators, learn from expert perspectives on developing personal skills and leadership, investing in youth energy, and the most important challenges and solutions for global food security, as well as diplomatic communications as the importance of a tool to build bridges and cooperation between governments and international organizations in various areas of development.

The IGCF will offer three specialized capacity-building programs, including the “Communicating for Success for Young Government Leaders” program organized by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR), an AI skills bootcamp organized by AI Journalism. Research and Forecasting (AIJRF) and the program “Using Behavioral Insights for Better Resource Management” organized by the Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) during the forum.

Pre-Forum activities hosted by leading partner entities provide a gateway to professional experiences that enhance participants’ knowledge and expertise. The IGCF 2023 agenda also includes the ‘COMMS Program for Media and Communication Students’, the ‘Global Media Seminar’ organized by WAM, and the much-anticipated ‘Academic Challenge’ open to UAE and GCC universities and organized in collaboration. with UAE. Activities also include the “Communicating Success for Young Government Leaders” program organized by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and the “AI Skills Camp” organized by the Artificial Intelligence Journalism Research and Forecasting (AIJRF).

Translated by Gihane Fawzi.


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