Emirates News Agency – Emirates launches ‘out of this world’ interview with astronaut live from space

DUBAI, 2023 August 29 (WAM) – Traveling to the ends of the earth in search of the best entertainment is nothing new for Emirates Ice, and this time the award-winning in-flight entertainment system will feature a live interview with an astronaut from the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Sultan AlNeyadi talks about his “flight experience” in space as he floats fearlessly 400 kilometers above our planet.

Sprinkled with some stardust on the ice, the interview will be broadcast live on the Emirates World Channel from September 1, the same day the iconic astronaut begins his journey back to Earth after a six-month mission as a scientist on the International Space Station. (ISS).

The return journey from space is expected to take up to 16 hours, just an hour shorter than Emirates’ longest flight of 17 hours from Auckland to Dubai.

The Emirates Ice interview was conducted from the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center (MBRSC) Mission Control Center via NASA Houston using a space-to-ground communications link.

Interviewed by Patrick Brannelly, Emirates Senior IFE and Vice President of Communications, the discussion exceeds expectations as Dr. AlNeyadi happily describes his meals on board, how he keeps in touch with his family and entertainment on the spacecraft, and Patrick draws parallels to the Emirates experience.

At an incredible altitude of 400 kilometers above the ISS and at an orbital speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour, live footage of Dr. AlNeyadi enjoying coffee in microgravity, conducting experiments and taking part in his daily training sessions offers spectacular views. Planet Earth also observes our world’s weather patterns at first glance.

Emiratis have been drawn to Dr AlNeyadi’s journey since he became famous as an Emirati astronaut and the first Arab to serve on the ISS for a 6-month mission as part of Expedition 69, and he was also the first Arab astronaut to perform a spacewalk. It was an honor for Emirates to connect with one of the UAE’s national heroes and collaborate on this historic on-ice content.

Translated by Mervat Mahmoud.


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