Emirates News Agency – UAE, Brazil launch partnership to share economic knowledge and experience

DUBAI, 3rd September, 2023 (WAM) — The governments of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Federative Republic of Brazil have launched a partnership to share knowledge and experience in economic fields through a unique gender-in-government initiative. experience. An exchange program focused on strengthening partnerships and cooperation with governments through the exchange of knowledge and experience in the areas of modernization, development and governance.

The launch of the new partnership is part of an official Brazilian delegation led by the President of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE), Alexandre Cordeiro Macedo, visiting the United Arab Emirates during which they learned about innovative business models. developed by the UAE government in various fields. An intensive seminar was organized at the headquarters of the Ministry of Economy in Dubai, with the participation of the Minister of Economy, Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, to review the key experiences and expertise of the two governments in various economic fields. .

Bin Touq affirmed the depth of bilateral relations between the UAE and Brazil and their constructive cooperation in the support and care of the leaders of both countries. He emphasized that the UAE government always wants to improve its readiness and use advanced methods in government work in line with its vision for the future to become the best place to live and work, and to strengthen its position as a leading center for development when looking at government decisions.

The Minister of Economy said: “The cooperation will allow the respective teams of the United Arab Emirates and Brazil to learn about the best government knowledge and practices, and will highlight the investment opportunities available to the business men of the two countries to achieve a significant growth leap in the economic and trade cooperation between them. It will also explore new avenues for knowledge sharing regarding government action and sustainable economic development.

Abdulla Naser Lootah, Deputy Minister of Competitiveness and Knowledge Exchange Affairs of the Cabinet of Ministers, confirmed that the partnership between the governments of the United Arab Emirates and the Federative Republic of Brazil for the exchange of knowledge in economic fields is a new program partnership model that, since its launch in 2018, has focused on building partnerships to strengthen exchange of knowledge and experience in the areas of government modernization. He emphasized that this new partnership paves the way for expanding the scope of the program to include important sectors related to public life and future generations.

Lota said that the UAE government wants to establish partnerships in various fields with governments around the world, stressing that the Federative Republic of Brazil is an important player in the world economy and its leading role in several economic fields.

CADE President Alexandre Cordeiro Macedo confirmed the desire of the Brazilian government to strengthen positive bilateral relations with the United Arab Emirates government, as part of their mutual orientation to expand areas of partnership aimed at developing frameworks and business models in various sectors.

Macedo said: “The visit of the CADE delegation is an important step in the development of competition policy and the promotion of international cooperation between two great countries, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates.”

The Cabinet Affairs Ministry’s Government Experience Exchange Office held several meetings with the Brazilian government delegation to introduce them to the UAE’s experience, best practices and expertise in the areas of government knowledge exchange, as well as innovative models for government performance, excellence, services and accelerators.

During the meeting with the delegation, Abdulla Lootah discussed the objectives of the government’s experience exchange program, the partnerships it has initiated with more than 30 countries around the world and the new directions of the program aimed at expanding the creation of specialized knowledge partnerships. in various vital sectors.

The Head of Government Services of the Government of the United Arab Emirates, Mohamed bin Taliah, informed the delegation about the country’s experience in developing government services and developing innovative solutions for customers anytime, anywhere. He also reviewed the design and launch experience of Services 1, the first government center of its kind in the UAE.

Meeting in the Office of the Prime Minister in the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs with Malik Al Madani, Executive Director of Government Operations; Marwan Al Zaabi, Director of the Sheikh Khalifa Government Excellence Program and Radhey Al Hashmi, Executive Director of Government Accelerators, informed the delegation about the best practices developed by the UAE government and the innovative models he developed and applied in various fields. areas including government performance and excellence, and the first government accelerator initiative of its kind in the world.

The Brazilian delegation met with the Director General of the World Government Summit (WGS), Mohamed Al Sharkhan, and learned about the WGS experience and its leading global role in envisioning, designing and shaping the future through the platform. offers to exchange visions, ideas, aspirations, best practices and future innovative experiences used by leading governments around the world.

An intensive workshop was organized with the participation of the heads of the UAE Ministry of Economy and the visiting Brazilian delegation, during which there was an exchange of best practices in key areas of economic policy and strategy, including foreign trade, investment, economic development, intellectual property, money laundering and competition.

On the first day, several sessions were held in which the competition practices applied within the Administrative Council of Economic Protection were examined, while the team of the Ministry of Economy gave an introductory presentation on its regulatory acts related to competition and reviewed the latest changes in the new competition law.

One of the sessions of the seminar focused on consumer rights protection, trade control and trade agencies in the United Arab Emirates, while the Ministry of Economy gave an overview of the structure and operation of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Department, as well as the latest developments in its policies and practices. In another meeting, the ministry’s team also discussed the best practices applied in the field of national economic cluster strategies.

On the second day of the seminar, a series of sessions was held on various topics, during which the team of the Administrative Council for Economic Protection presented the structure and work progress of the administrative tribunal, while the team of the Ministry of Economy examined in another session what the UAE has achieved in connection with the launch of comprehensive economic partnership and trade agreements.

The third session focused on best practices in the management of certificates of origin in the United Arab Emirates and challenges in this area. In another session, the team of the Ministry of Economy discussed the structure and operation of the intellectual property sector, as well as the latest policies and strategies for promoting innovation.

The joint seminar is part of the Ministry of Economy’s Economic Policy Acceleration Program initiatives in collaboration with the Government Experience Exchange Office to organize a series of seminars in the country to share the UAE’s economic development model and empower economic decision makers. in partner countries, reviewing policy best practices and establishing a network of economic decision-makers to facilitate knowledge transfer and exchange.

The Administrative Council of Economic Protection is an independent body of the Ministry of Justice of the Federal Republic of Brazil, affiliated with the executive branch of the Brazilian government, responsible for the investigation and decision-making of competition issues and the promotion of a culture of competition in Brazil. The Council is responsible for guaranteeing free competition, making decisions on mergers of large companies and promoting a culture of free competition in the private sector and society.

Translated by Mervat Mahmoud.


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