Emmanuel Macron mobilizes majority candidates in legislature, left friction after Taha Bouhaf’s resignation in Rhone …: 10 May political news

In the suburbs of Lyon, the PS between expectations and accepted disagreements

Venissieux Lotfi Ben Khelifa, a councilor for the Socialist Municipality, confirms The world his candidature 14and The constituency of Rhone, while playing cards in this suburb of Lyon, announced the departure of LFI candidate Taha Bouhafs this morning.

“I do not survive politics, I do not make a career, I have worked for thirty years, I want to bring together the progressive and democratic left forces” Mr Ben Khelifa was exposed, without fear of disagreement with the leadership of the PS, which had agreed to leave the institution within the framework of the New People’s Ecological and Social Union (NUPE) of the LFI.

Lotfi Ben Khelifa, the municipality’s infamous opponent of Venezuela’s Communist mayor Michel Picard, who also craves the constituency. “ready to leave with the consent of local activists”without specifying Nupe.

First Secretary of the PS Olivier Foré, “accompanies the coffin [du parti] among the “rebels”, all party experts have retained their seats in the contract; I do not accumulate anything and do not accept deleting the PS “, adds the candidate who says to himself “in the contract” with Helen Jeffrey.

The mayor of Vaulx-en-Velin PS opposed Nupes, and her dissident candidate for city policy assistant is being prepared 7.and Rhône district. The official announcement has been postponed, while the PS National Office is taking place tonight. Nupes officially invested in the LFI candidate from the associative movement “We get involved”.

6and in the neighboring constituency, expectations have become unbearable. In Wilerban, Kristina Martino is reluctant to run a dissident socialist candidacy against Gabriel Amar, a candidate nominated by Nupe, and without the approval of Cedar Van Stevendael, the mayor of the Wilerban PS. The vice mayor’s announcement scheduled for this afternoon has been postponed indefinitely.

Richard Shittley (Lyon, correspondent)

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