Employment: Here is the ranking of the top 250 recruitment companies of 2024

As the world of work is constantly evolving, recruitment companies must keep pace. Whether in the database through advertisement, direct access or innovation, these companies must adapt to both the new demands of employees and future employers, Echoes. Today, these companies of all kinds remain essential “bridges” between candidates and companies. Mixing responsiveness, inclusiveness and listeningrecruitment firms must also consider the qualifications and technical skills of prospective employees, as well as assess their behavior.

It is in this context Echoes reveal, exclusive with Statista250 best companies in France in 2024. In this list Echoes have created four categories: managers and specialists, Search for managers, temporary work and job portals. In the first category, there are no less than 61 companies that have obtained the highest number of points, namely the number of points “excellent” And “much above average”. We can mention the Parisian sites Adsearch, Alchemin Conseil or Centauri Search, Lyon-based Acavi, Nantes Approach Direct and Cadr’Avenir or even Marseilles Charles Richardson.


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Many offices in the provinces

Regarding Driver search, there are 21 of those that will receive the best ratings, and some have already been mentioned in the previous category, such as Alchemin Conseil or Cadr’Avenir. Note the good positions for the Franco-German company Apollo Executive Search / Kennedy France or the company specializing in the sports and lifestyle sectors, Bloch Consulting. But also Proevolution, a premium independent recruitment firm operating in six French cities specializing in headhunting. for the time beingon the other hand, many of them are very well rated, many in the provinces such as Abalone France (Saint-Herblain), Adwork’s (Orléans), Ergalis (Marc-en-Baroeul), Optineris (Limoges) or Samsic Emploi (Cesson-Sévigné ).


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Finally, the companies were qualified as job portals are classified into two types. First, on the recommendation of candidates, where about twenty get the highest score, such as abcdent.pro, centraljob.fr, eiquem.com, jobs-stages.letudiant.fr or staffsocial.fr. There are also recommendations from HR managers and consultants, with eiquem.com again leading the way, as well as jobs-stages.letudiant.fr, emploi.paris.fr, staffsante.fr or staffsocial.fr. There are only nine of them that rank this well.


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For this ranking, Statista looked at recruitment consultants, external recruiters, headhunters and recruitment agencies, as well as HR teams and managers who have already used recruitment firms. And finally, candidates appointed by recruitment agencies or who have worked as temporary workers.

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